Don’t let fear hinder your creativity

It can be easy to let yourself get choked by fear. You find yourself stuck because you’re too afraid to make the wrong move or that your efforts won’t be up to your standards. But if we all lived life like this, where would the creativity be? We wouldn’t have so much of the art, music, and expressions of the soul that make the world around us beautiful. Eventually, we need to ignore the fearful voice and put ourselves out there. Being a creative means sharing pieces of yourself, which is extremely vulnerable. But isn’t vulnerability what allows us to connect with others? And without creativity and vulnerability, life would be empty. 

How can you silence the doubts when they are so loud? There are a few tips that I use to push past the fear and onto something great.

  1. Take a break – If you’re in the middle of a project and find yourself unable to force yourself to be creative, take a break for something mindless. Take a walk outside, grab a coffee with a friend, or even binge watch a little of your favorite TV show (my go-to is Friends or Seinfeld). By doing something you don’t have to think about, it allows your brain to work problems out subconsciously. Often I find if I take a break for a half-hour or even an hour, I come back to the problem with fresh eyes and new ideas. 
  2. Find inspiration – However, sometimes a break isn’t enough. I find myself just as stuck as before, although maybe in a better mood. That’s when watching one of my favorite artists on YouTube or browsing creative quotes or graphic art on Pinterest can help. Often creativity breeds creativity. When you surround yourself with a beautiful piece of music or fill your mind with beautiful images, you might find yourself inspired to create something of your own. 
  3. Make anything, even if it’s bad. – Sometimes we just have to get the bad out. It’s true. Often when I’m idea-generating my first few lines will be filled with the worst, most punny lines I can come up with. But I write it down anyway. If I don’t write it down, it swirls in my head and it’s all I can think about. I have to get the bad out first so the good can come. If I sit down to create something, I have to get the bad rough draft out first. It’s only by beginning that we can improve.

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