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The Portfolio Check-Up

Give your portfolio an annual check-up. If you can’t get anyone’s attention in the communication arts industry, more than likely your portfolio is the culprit. A goal to refresh your portfolio every year will keep you competitive. Employers seldom look for potential. They want the sure thing. Your portfolio has to do more than share […]

How to Conquer the Interview and Their Skepticism

breaking away

The foremost reason people blow interviews is that they don’t realize an interview isn’t an interview. An interview is the “What’s-Wrong-With-This-Person?” meeting. Employers do everything possible to prevent a hiring mistake. This includes heeding “red flags” during an interview. Ill-preparedness is how these flags are waved. To avoid this fate, take these steps to prepare for […]

Be like Plato — Tips for Finding the Right Mentor


Socrates mentored Plato, who mentored Aristotle, the father of science. Study any great success and you’ll discover they had more than a mentor. They had the right mentor. A young Steve Jobs wanted to sell his typewriter. He accidentally walked into the apartment of Robert Friedland. A friendship resulted that helped Jobs overcome an introverted personality and free […]