JPL Rocket Fuel: Portfolio Highlight from Gina Senese

This series follows the careers of JPLers. They share their experiences and give advice to help others seeking the creative career they want most.


Gina Senese, art director, Ogilvy NY

Gina Senese went through Job Propulsion Lab’s Rebuild program in 2016 while attending The University of Texas. Soon after, she went to work for Ogilvy in New York City.


JPL: What recent innovative work inspires you?

Gina: I get a lot of inspiration just observing people. I also love checking out the best director’s reels. Find your favorite commercial right now and figure out who directed it or who the CD was and go stalk their work. You always walk out with a ton of inspiration.

JPL: What do you use on the job that you learned from JPL?

Craft. Those tedious exercises that JPL makes you do – type spacing, logos, etc. Almost everyone blows these off in school. It turns out that CDs, ECDs, really notice and appreciate the ability of craft.

JPL: What’s the one piece of advice you would give those who are about to enter the ad industry?

The most important advice my mentor at JPL, Bart Cleveland, ever gave me was to not settle. Your first job is really important. Make sure you go somewhere that you can grow and learn, and actually put things in your book. To get that job you need a good book, so work hard because other than your personality, and a few connections, your book is all that represents you.

I know finding a job can be hard, but be picky. The right job should include the right CDs that TEACH. If you can find the right boss, one that wants you to grow, you can’t lose.

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