Three things to do at the end of every year to make sure your career takes a significant leap during the next one.

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It seems I have a flurry of inquiries at the end of the year from people who are frustrated with their careers and want advice on how to change their lot in life. Having the career that you’re meant to have requires a long-term approach. You’re sculpting your future, so you should be chipping away at it. A natural time to step back and evaluate your progress, (or lack of progress) is at the end of the year. I coach my proteges to do so by reviewing these three things at the end of each year of their career. It isn’t surprising that doing so accelerates their progress and success.

  1. Evaluate the past year. What was your highest achievement? What did you learn that you didn’t know the year before? What was your biggest discouragement? What skills did you learn and improve? What did you realize you didn’t know that will be critical to your future success?
  2. Achieve your New Year’s resolution during the first three months of the new year. That’s right, crush it before the end of the first quarter. Most people make a goal (even a lofty one) for the coming year that they can achieve in a short amount of time. This tempts one to procrastinate. Which tempts one to forsake it because they believe they haven’t the time left in the year to achieve it. Move the deadline up and get started the January 2nd. Don’t be surprised if you complete it well before March 31st.
  3. Get mad and get even. It’s normal to get down on yourself for not progressing in your career. There can be a lot of reasons that are out of your control. But there is one thing in your power that makes not achieving your goal your responsibility: you. Promise yourself that as obstacles arise during the coming year, you will not give up until you have overcome all of them.

You may have a lousy job, boss, opportunities, teammates, pay, perks – it doesn’t matter. All that matters is that you will not be denied. Make the glass half empty because you drank the other half. It’s 2019. Time to do what you know you need to be doing to succeed every year.

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